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"The play's the thing."

- William Shakespeare
Hamlet (Act 2, Scene 2)


For production rights to the following plays please contact:
Michael Petrasek
Kensington Literary Representation
Ph: (416) 848 9648
Romantic comedy

Kate, a curator at a museum, takes on the investigation of romance as a personal and professional challenge. Her love life hilariously spirals into crisis just as her elderly mother rekindles a relationship with a man she dated sixty years earlier.

Full-length, two acts

Kate: female, mid-thirties
Louisa: female, plays herself at ages seventeen to seventy-five
Man: male, thirties

Selected Press
“A romantic comedy for the age of irony”
“…charming and funny… features hilariously ludicrous “perfect” man…”
- Edmonton Journal

“Playwright Conni Massing can pull in an audience all by herself, because the turf she occupies is pure prairie-grown cracked wheat.”
- Edmonton Sun
Seasonal rom-com

A relentlessly cheerful Christmas-lover and a cynical holiday-hater plan to get married but first they must deal with the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.

Full-length, one act, approximately 90 minutes
(One-act, 55 minute version of the play also available)
Lucy: female, mid-thirties
Algar: male, mid-thirties
Selected Press
"The playwright hangs a whole series of small, unexpected funny moments in an artfully-crafted plot, delighting the audience."
- Gig City

" …a show filled with laughter and poignancy. But underneath the whimsy is an important message that will linger in your heart for a long time."
- St. Albert Gazette

The death of an elephant sparks a crisis at a city zoo. Matara, the lone remaining elephant, grieves for her companion while her keeper fights to protect Matara from the zoo’s ambitious fundraiser. Meanwhile the river by the zoo is rising and the only person who seems to care is the night security guard, who is haunted by his inability to avert a disaster.

Full-length, one act (approximately 85 minutes)

Karen: (female) forties
Marcel: (male) late twenties, a Rwandan immigrant
Romney: (female) mid-thirties

Selected Press
“Massing sure knows how to tell a story. Through often quite poetic asides, lectures, dialogue, monologues and speeches…all sides of the prickly argument are brought out.”
- Gig City

“The issues are there. But there’s a strangeness, too, that gives the play its lustre. Matara is infiltrated by lyrical visions, the sense of loss, dreams, dreams-turned-nightmares. Home, in the end, is what haunts you, says Massing’s play.”
Mystery, coming of age
Based on the novel The Aberhart Summer by Bruce Allen Powe

Fifteen-year-old Doug spends the summer of 1935 investigating the suspicious death of his best friend Babe against a backdrop of sweeping societal change: the Depression and the rise of William Aberhart’s Social Credit party.

Full length, two acts
Cast Breakdown: The large cast of characters requires a group of 10-12 actors.
Typically performed with 8 males and 3 females
Selected Press
"At its best, Aberhart Summer is a vivid and unsentimental depiction of small-town Canadian life in the 1930s…It was the hit of the [Pan-Canadian PlayRites] festival."
- American Theatre

"Massing’s marvelous play is at once a gripping Alberta history lesson, a sweetly nostalgic comedy and a cracking-good murder mystery, all rolled up into on big, bright ball of theatrical energy and verve…"
- Calgary Herald
Comedy - Adapted by Conni Massing

Jake makes a wild promise to his young friend and the community of Crocus that he will end the summer’s drought by making rain.

Full-length, two acts
Cast breakdown: 4 males, two females (playing a cast of twenty-one characters)
Selected Press
“Conni Massing’s new and skillfully structured adaptation… is a big, lighthearted story of faith."
- Calgary Herald

“Prairie Play a Real Pleasure…what Conni Massing has created with this adaptation is a play that will become a staple for community and high school theatres.”
- SunMedia

”…a whopping crowd-pleaser of a play…"
- Prairie Dog

A lightning strike and the inspirational story of Joan of Arc trigger a series of magical occurrences for 16-year-old Jessica and for everyone else around her caught up in the fleeting euphoria of this most maddening season of the year

Full length, two acts
Breakdown: 5 female, three male

Jessica: sixteen years old
Brenda: mid-thirties
Jackie: early thirties
Mordred: late teens
Dacia: forty-ish
Kevin: early thirties
Melanie: mid-twenties
Werner: late twenties
Selected Press
“It’s a grand, comic spectacle… bursting with comedy and dynamic characters in a world both familiar and hilarious in its failures. While summer seldom fulfills our expectations, Massing’s play exceeds them.”
- Fast Forward

“…sashays from poignant moments to deep belly laughs…”
- Calgary Sun

“…uses spare, evocative language and the vagaries of memory, to create familiar landscapes that take on a dreamlike quality.”
- Edmonton Sun

Rhona needs advice from her mother, Clara about how to bake bread and what to do about her deadbeat boyfriend, her stalled country and western career, and an unexpected pregnancy.

Full-length, two acts
Rhona: early thirties
Clara: Rhona’s mother, sixties
Cliff: Rhona’s father, sixties
Gary: Rhona’s boyfriend, early thirties
Selected Press
“The tone of the play wobbles surreally from comedy to drama…like a reflection of the tumult of family life… Homesick hits a home run.”
- Vue Magazine

“Conni Massing’s laugh-out-loud Homesick…soon settles down to deal with bigger, more important issues…with humour and sensitivity.
- Edmonton Journal

Fresh Hell

Three imagined encounters between Joan of Arc and American writer Dorothy Parker – one renowned as a warrior saint, the other for her savagely witty assessments of humanity. Now facing death, with only words to defend themselves, both believe they are living in the darkest of times. Joan has failed to drive the oppressors out of her country; Dorothy despairs about the world and her own legacy. But as these two wrangle about the nature of faith and the challenges of a creative life, they may actually discover reasons to hope.

Cast breakdown: two females

Full-length, one act


Gravel Run

A full-length gothic comedy about a young woman returning to her dysfunctional small-town family accompanied by her charmingly clueless fiancé.

Home Ice

A free-wheeling comic adaptation of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata, set in the world of hockey violence.


A large cast teen drama, set in a dystopic universe of media brainwashing taken to its inevitable extreme.

Photo credit:

Marc J Chalifoux Photography
Production: Matara